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AACGC Falling Objects
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The AACGC Falling Objects plugin allows you to select from different types of images and have them rain down over your website. This is perfect for holidays like christmas where you can have snowflakes rain down over your site or even halloween where you can have pumpkins rain down. Comes with several images to choose from and you can even add your own.

This plugin was created by AACGC & uses Dynamic Drive Coding.


Activating The Falling Objects
In order to see falling objects on your website you must activate the falling objects menu. This is a hidden menu that noone sees but it contains the coding required for the falling objects to appear. To activate the menu go to your e107 admin area and click menus. Then select the Falling Objects menu and activate it in the menu are you want (can be in any area). You can adjust the menu visability options to show on certain pages and which users will see it (this will override the custom pages option in the settings).

Choosing/Adding Objects
There are several objects that come with this plugin and you can also add your own by uploading images to the objects folder inside the plugin. To choose an object go to your e107 admin area and click the AACGC Falling Object icon, then click settings on the side menu. There you can select which object will be the main falling object for your website.

Custom Pages
You can have 5 different pages that show their own falling object. The rest will use the main falling object that is selected in the settings. To setup custom pages go to your e107 admin area and click AACGC Falling Objects, then click Cutom Pages on the side menu. There you will see 5 options to set the custom pages. This is setup similar to the e107 menus options and you only have to list the page itself not the full address. Example: if you want the forums to have a custom object then in the first blank type forum.php and choose an object that will show on that page.

There are only 4 settings to this plugin. first is the main falling object selection that controls what object to show as primary. Second you have an option to set how many objects fall, this is best to keep around 5 If you use Animated GIF images. Next you have an option to stop generating objects after a certain time, if set to 10 then after a user is on a page more than 10 seconds the objects stop falling. This gives users the ability to read contents on your site without having falling objects constantly block their view. The last option is to set the falling objects height limit, you have 2 option to select from, users window or full website. If set to users window the objects will only fall to the bottom of a users screen resolution and then repeat. If set to full website then the objects will fall until they reach the very bottom of your website before they start over. If you have the number of object set to 10 and have a tall website then its best to set this to the users window, else it will wait till all 10 objects reach the bottom before adding anymore falling objects.