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AACGC Floating Bar
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The AACGC Floating Bar plugin displays a bar with contents of your choice that floats on top of your site. It scrolls with the site and users can close the bar by clicking the X located at the top corner. You can adjust the distance from the top and side where the bar floats, width of the bar, border, background, abd text are support BBcode and HTML.

This plugin was created by AACGC & uses Dynamic Drive Coding.

Includes option to show login / user section
Includes option to show online extended section
Includes option to show website stats (most online, newest member, etc. )
Includes option to show private message section

Activating The Floating Bar
In order to see the floating bar you must activate the floating bar menu. This is a hidden menu that noone will see that contains the script required to display the floating bar. To activate the menu go to your e107 admin area and click menus. Then select the Floating Bar menu and activate it in the menu are you want (can be in any area). You can adjust the menu visability options to show on certain pages and which users will see it.

Floating Bar Contents
The Floating bar contents can contain a text message, HTML coding, and it also supports BBcode. To adjust the Floating Bar message go to your e107 admin area and click the AACGC Flosting Bar icon, then click setting on the side menu.

Login Section: (members only)
If the login section is enabled it will show exactly what the login menu shows that comes with e107. It is highly recommended you disable the login menu if using the floating bar login section, it uses the login menu template and settings

Extended Online Section: (members only)
This section uses the core extended online section along with alot of added custom additions. It shows who's online and the location or page they are currently viewing for both members and guests, admin locations are hidden with admin badge. Includes bot detection (google, yahoo, ask, etc..) for admins and admins can see the full IP address for guests. IP address are clickable for admins and goes to IP lookup site to show location of guest. Also includes flags for guests to show location. Members online see flag and first 2 sets of IP address of guests, rest is x-ed out.

Private Message Section: (members only)
This section uses the pm template and shortcodes from the pm menu to show the users private message menu in the floating bar, It is highly recommended you disable the pm menu if using the floating bar pm section.

You have a few settings that you can adjust to change the apearance, size, and location of the floating bar. There is also an option to use your website's style.css but this option will override any setting you have for the background color of the bar. You can adjust the border size and color as well or leave that blank to have no border.

You can also enable or disable each section you want shown on the bar like the login section or extended online section.