AACGC Hall of Shame
The AACGC Hall of Shame plugin allows you to manually enter and list hackers and cheaters for others to view on your website. You can list the hacker's name, IP address, reason, date, extra info, link to an image or screenshot that shows them hacking or cheating, and link to an external sorce such as AON Ban site. Includes option to allow users from a chosen userclass to add to the Hall of Shame.

Only Admins can edit or delete from the Hall of Shame.
If you set the userclass option for users to add to the Hall of Shame remember you must set each user to that userclass.
Supports Gold Orbs Plugin from Father Barry for usernames.

Adding To HOS

There are 2 ways to add to the HOS, either in the admin area or on the HOS page & menu. In order to add from the HOS page or menu you must be an admin or in the userclass selected to add to the HOS if enabled, then you should see a text link that says Add to HOS. On the Add to HOS form you can enter the hacker's game name that he goes by ingame, the IP address he uses, any extra information like mac address, reason he is being added or hack he was using, date he was seen cheating, image link that shows a screenshot of him cheating if available, and an external link to a ban site or anti-cheat site with more information about this hacker if available.


There are several settings to adjust the layout and looks of this plugin and some options that adjust what information can be seen or added to the HOS such as the image section and external link. You can name the page and menu to whatever you want like ClanName's HOS, add a header and intro to the main page that describes the HOS, adjust font sizes, menu height, scrolling speed for menu, and more.

Userclass Setup

Setting / Creating HOS Userclass

The userclass setting allows users of the chosen userclass to add to the HOS. If you want to have a special class just for the HOS then you can create one by clicking the User Classes icon in your e107 admin area, then type the name of the class, short discription, and who can change it, then click create new class. After creating the userclass you can set that userclass in the HOS settings. You must assign users to this userclass before they can add to the HOS, to do this click the User Classes icon in your e107 admin area, then select the userclass in the dropdown box and click edit. 2 boxes should then appear below with list of website users in one and users in that userclass in the other. You can click each user name to add them to the userclass then click assign users to give them that userclass.
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