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AACGC Network Link Bar
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The AACGC Network Link Bar plugin allows you to add special links to websites of your choice and displays them in either a menu or shortcode that can be added anywhere in your site. Perfect for listing Sponcors, Affiliates, Clan Allies, etc.. Each link opens in a new window and can have its own icon. Includes several options to adjust the layout and looks of the network bar to best fit your website and the area you want it to be.

The preset layout options use your theme's style.css and you may have to disable this option if the network bar doesn't appear correctly.
You can only use 1 of the 2 options (menu or shortcode), you cannot use them both at the same time or you may have conflicts.
If using the shortcode instead of the menu you must place the shortcode inside your theme.php or custom menu.(see using shortcode below)

Adding Links
To add links to the network bar click the AACGC Network Bar icon in your e107 admin area. Then click Create Link on the side menu and enter the name of the link, full link path including http, and choose an icon for that link(optional), to use custom icons read uploading icons below. Then click create network link.

Uploading Icons
You can use different icons for each link you add to the network bar. To add icons simply upload your icon image to the images folder in the network bar plugin directory. They must be resized before you upload them and you can use any image type for the icon (png, jpg, bmp, gif, etc..). Make sure the icon file name does not have any spaces or special characters or it may not detect them.

There are many settings to adjust to make the network bar best fit your website and the area it's in. It has 4 preset layouts that use your theme's style.css to adjust the looks by adding a combination of indent and forumheader3 for table classes. You can add a Network Bar title to describe the bar that appears above the links and adjust the font size/color. There are also options to adjust font sizes and colors for the links as well as options to adjust links per row and space between links.

Using the Menu
The menu is the easiest most common option for this plugin. To use the menu version simply select menu in the settings and activate the network bar menu. To activate the menu go to your e107 admin area and click Menus, then activate the network bar menu in the area you want. You can adjust the visability options so that it only shows on certain pages or to certain people such as members. The network bar has setting that can adjust the menu to fit in almost any menu area no matter how wide or narrow.

Using the Shortcode
The shortcode version is for users who are not affraid of editing or have some experience in editing files. It requires planning and sometimes alot of trial and error to get working or displaying properly. The most common area for adding the shortcode is in the theme.php file, that is why the location setting is labled theme, it can be used elsewhere like in a custom menu but if using in a menu it's best to use the network bar menu not the shortcode. You must have the setting option set to theme or the shortcode version will not work and you cannot have the menu activated while using the shortcode or you may have conflicts. To use the shortcode you must place {NETBAR} inside your theme.php in the area you want it to appear. The layout and looks are controlled in the settings.