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AACGC Popup Box
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The AACGC Popup Box plugin displays a box with contents of your choice that floats on top of your site. It does not scroll with the site and users can close the box by clicking the red X located at the top corner of the box. You can adjust the distance from the top and side where the box pops up, title and font adjustments, and includes image section where you can add 2 custom images to the box at the bottom. Includes option to set custom box contents for guests, users, 2 seperate userclasses, and admins so each one sees different messages and content than the others.

This plugin was created by AACGC & uses Dynamic Drive Coding.


Activating The Popup Box
In order to see the popup box you must activate the popup box menu. This is a hidden menu that noone will see that contains the script required to display the popup box. To activate the menu go to your e107 admin area and click menus. Then select the Popup Box menu and activate it in the menu are you want (can be in any area). You can adjust the menu visability options to show on certain pages and which users will see it (overrides custom user messages if visability is hidden to those users).

Popup Box Contents
There are several different options for the Popup box contents. You can have different contents appear for different classes like guests, members, selected userclasses, and admins if enabled. To adjust the contents of the Popup Box go to your e107 admin area and click the AACGC Popup Box icon, then click Message Settings on the side menu. If you want just one message to apear for members then use the default member box at the top and leave the rest blank or disabled. If you choose to use the userclass or admin boxes then it will override the member box for those users only. So regular members will only see the member box contents and admins will only see the admin box contents. Guest have their own section as well that is always seperate from the rest just below the member box. Guest only see whats in the guest box and nothing else, if no message or contents is added to the guest box then guest will see an empty box on yours site, in this case you should change the menu visability to members.

There are several settings for this plugin that will control how the box looks and where the box appears. These settings adjust the box for everyone no matter what the messages or contents are. You can adjust the border size and color to outline the box and make it more noticable, adjust the distance from the top and left side of your website (if left blank box will apear at the top left edge of your site), adjust the title font size and colors, and adjust the background colors (includes option to use website style.css but will override background settings). Includes 2 image sections at the bottom of the box that appears for everyone no matter what the message settings are with options to adjust the image sizes, you do not have to use these and if left blank sections are hidden.