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The AACGC Server List plugin allows you to enter any server IP, PORT, & GSID information that is supported by Gametracker and displays banners for those servers in different categories, pages, and menus. Has huge variety of settings to adjust to best fit your website. All banners are clickable and link to the server detail pages in your site that include full server stats and graphs with options to enable/disable what is shown. GSID is required to show server graphs but not required to list servers.
Works with TS2, TS3, & Ventrilo!

Includes 3 menus you can activate:

Category List Menu: Displays list of categories you create, Includes options to adjust menu height, font size and colors, categories per row, enable/disable mini banners under each category, how many mini banners to show, and more.

Server List Menu (Wide): Displays all servers entered in a wide banner style with options to choose from 2 banner sizes, can adjust menu height.

Server List Menu (tall scrolling): Displays all servers entered in a tall banner scrolling left/right with options to enable/disable certain banner contents like player graph, map, top players. Includes controls to change direction of scroll and 3 speed buttons for fast, normal, slow, and includes options to adjust scrolling speeds.

This plugin was created by AACGC & Powered By GameTracker

Creating Categories
Before you can start adding servers you must create categories for the server to be in. For example if your using this to display clan servers and your clan plays more than 1 game, create a category for each game with the name of the game as the category name. Then you can add each server to the matching category. If your clan only plays 1 game then you can create a single category named Clan Servers and add all servers to that category. To create a category, click the AACGC Server List plugin icon in your admin area, then click Create Category on the side menu. Once you have at least 1 category created you can start adding servers.

Adding Servers
There are 2 ways to add servers to the server list. One way requires admin approval and the server submission option must be enabled in the admin settings and another way is to add the server directly in the admin panel. If a server is submitted using the submit form then a PM is sent to the user thats set to recieve the request and an admin must approve the submission before it is added to the server list. Adding a server requires the server IP address and PORT the server uses and the optional GSID for showing graphs on the server detail pages. You add and accept servers on the same page in in the admin area.

To adjust the settings of this plugin click the AACGC Server List icon in your admin area, then click Settings on the side menu. Default settings are loaded when you install or update this plugin but you may need to adjust what size banners show on certain menus and what information will be displayed on the pages to best fit your website. Example: if the banner list page is too wide and stretches your website then change the setting to use the smaller banner and it may fix it.


What Banner Sizes Come With This Plugin?
Includes all banners from GameTracker however they are not all shown at once. You have options to choose which banners to use on what menus and pages. Some banners cannot be changed such as the mini banners on the category menu and page if the option is enabled to show the mini banners.

Server List Menu (Wide): 560x95 or 350x20
Server List Menu (Tall Scrolling): 160x(211-441) depending on what options are enabled to show server information
Server List Page: 560x95 or 350x20
Server Detail Page: 300x(660,750,1010) depending on option chosen in admin section (Full, Half, Small)
Category Menu (Only if mini banner enabled): 350x20
Category Page (Only if mini banner enabled): 350x20


What is The GSID?
The GSID (Game Server ID #) is a unique ID number given to every server thats tracked by GameTracker. It is only used for the graphs that show in the server detail pages. The GSID is require for the graphs but not required to list a server. If no GSID is entered the graph section will be hidden.

Where Do I Find The GSID?
The GSID can be found by going to a server's detail page at GameTracker and right clicking one of the graphs at the bottom right and then click properties. A box will apear with the graphs information. Look for the Address (URL) section where it gives you the full url to the server's graph. In that url you will see GSID=xxxxxxxx , the x's being your GSID number. Copy those numbers and paste them in the GSID option.