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The AACGC Wish List plugin allows users to create their own Christmas, Birthday, or Regular wishlist with up to 10 items and the date the wishlist expires, each item can have an external link to the item's location such as online store or local store website. Wishlist appears in the user's profile and a wishlist button appears in forum posts that link to the user's wish list detail page. Users can edit or delete their wishlist and admins can edit or delete all wishlists.

Profile list may not work if you have a custom theme with an altered user_template or if you use an alternate profiles plugin.
Forum button may not apear if you have a custom theme with an altered forum_viewtopic_template.
Supports Gold Orbs Plugin from Father Barry for usernames


Adding / Editing Wish Lists
Members can create or edit their wish lists by clicking (My Wishlist) on the Member Wishlist Page. There is gives them the options to choose what type of wishlist(Christmas, Birthday, or Regular), date the wishlist ends, and 10 slots to add a maximum of 10 different items with external links to each item. The extrenal links must be a full URL including http. Each user can only have 1 wishlist at a time and must either edit their existing wishlist or delete it before creating a new wishlist. Admins can edit and delete wishlist in the plugin admin area.

Removing / Deleting Wish Lists
Wishlist DO NOT automatically delete themselves at the end date chosen by the user, the end date is just a reference for uses to see when they want their items. Users or admins must delete the wishlist manually on the end date by either clicking delete on the wish list page or in the admin area.

There are several settings to adjust what is shown on the wishlist page and menu. You can set the menu and page titles, header, intro, font sizes, enable user avatars, adjust menu height, enable auto scrolling on the menu with speed settings, and more. You must have certain settings adjusted for this plugin to display properly such as the menu height, if your using IE and there is no height setting then the menu will not show anything. There is also an option (Use Indent and Forumheader3 for Tables) that uses your style.css from your theme for table styles but may not show the wishlist correctly, if this happens leave this option unchecked. In some cases this option gives a more detailed look.