AACGC Xfire Stats
The AACGC Xfire Stats plugin allows users to enter their xfire username in their profile and displays their xfire gaming stats on your website. Includes a page that shows large xfire badges in a list, a scrolling menu with mini xfire badges, shows large xfire badge in profiles above users signature area, and displays mini xfire badge in forum posts. You can select different xfire skins for all badges on the site and all badges are clickable that link to that user's detail page that shows their xfire profile and history on your website.

Uses an e107 Exteneded user field called user_xfire that you must create in the extended user fields area of your e107 admin cpanel. The extended user field is what allows users to enter their xfire username in their profiles, without it this plugin will not work.

Profile badges may not work if you have a custom theme with an altered user_template or if you use an alternate profiles plugin.
Forum badges may not work if you have a custom theme with an altered forum_viewtopic_template.
Supports Gold Orbs Plugin from Father Barry for usernames
Xfire Badges

What Xfire Badges Come With This Plugin?
This plugin includes an option to select from all xfires badge styles. All badge use the same selected skin.
Badge Styles: Xfire Default, Shadow, Combat, Fantasy, & Sci-Fi

What Size Are The Xfire Badges?
Different badges are used for certain areas and this is preset in the files for best default layout of most websites.
Main Xfire List Page: 440x111
Profile: 440x111
Forum: 149x29
Xfire Scrolling Menu: 149x29

Extended User Field

Creating The user_xfire Extend Field
This is the most important part of this plugin, without this field this plugin will not work and if not created properly the plugin will not work properly!

In your e107 Admin Cpanel, click User Extended Fields.

Click Add New Field and enter the contents below:

Field name:user_xfire
Field text: Xfire Username
Field Type: Text Box
Required: No - show on signup page
Applicable: Members
Read access: Members
Write Access: Members
Allow user to hide: No
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